Atlas Turf is the Most Trusted Turfgrass Supplier in Vietnam

As one of the world’s fastest growing golf markets, Vietnam is setting the tone for golf’s future in Asia. The region’s most prestigious golf course architects, management companies, and developers select Atlas Turf as their turfgrass source.

planting paspalum in Vietnam

Each project in Vietnam is unique, with individual challenges that cannot be met with one cookie-cutter turfgrass. Atlas Turf offers the most extensive selection of quality turfgrass varieties. With an experienced and respected team, Atlas Turf assists in analyzing the specific needs of each project to prescribe the optimal turfgrasses. Don’t be fooled by competitors who offer inferior products, misrepresent grow-in times, and try to bundle turfgrasses with other products. At Atlas Turf, our mission is to provide high quality, sustainable solutions for turfgrass projects worldwide. Turfgrass is our specialty and our dedicated focus. 

Our complete selection of turfgrasses includes:

  • Warm season turfgrasses
    • Seeded and vegetative seashore paspalum
    • Seeded and vegetative bermudagrass
    • Zoysia
  • Cool season turfgrasses
    • Perennial ryegrass
    • Bentgrass
    • Kentucky bluegrass
    • Fescues
  • Native grasses

Some of our most successful products include:

Platinum TE Paspalum and Pure Dynasty Seeded Paspalum

  • Unbeatable salt tolerance
  •  Versatility for application tee-to-green
  • Rapid rooting and establishment
  • Superior low light tolerance
  • Excellent disease resistance

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass and Celebration Bermudagrass

  • Top-rated wear tolerance
  • High turf density
  • Rapid recovery from injury
  • Darker green color with early spring green-up and fall color retention
  • Excellent disease resistance

Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermudagrass and Mach 1 Ultradwarf Bermudagrass

  • Faster greens speeds
  • Easier maintenance
  • Proven to be genetically stable
  • Rapid establishment and recovery from injury
  • Consistent color and uniform grain
  • Low light tolerance

Why is certified turfgrass important?

Every turfgrass offered by Atlas Turf is certified. Why is that important to you? Certification assures the end-user that the turfgrass is genetically pure and free of off-types. Our certified production fields are inspected at least twice annually by independent authorities. This ensures that the products we offer our customers are the highest quality available.

Over the years in Vietnam, we have used several turfgrass varieties from Atlas Turf. Their expertise in assisting us in selecting the right product for our projects has been valuable to our clients and us.

Steve Shepherdson, Golf Course Architect at Asia Golf Design and Consulting

The process of golf course grass selection begins with a complete analysis of the specific conditions at your golf course to determine the exact turfgrass needed.  Soil and water conditions, climate, course maintenance capabilities, course usage patterns, and much more factor into the decision, and vary a great deal across Vietnam.

Following turfgrass selection, Atlas Turf provides dependable delivery working with a keen knowledge and years of import experience into Vietnam.  And service does not end there.  Atlas Turf provides expert support throughout the grow-in process to ensure success and complete satisfaction.

Atlas Turf is your source for the most sought-after, genetically pure and certified turfgrasses. For greens, tees, fairways, and roughs, Atlas Turf is the global choice for the finest turfgrasses on the planet. For assistance in selecting the right turfgrass for your specific needs, please contact us today.

planting paspalum in Vietnam

Atlas Turf has been trusted by some of the most prestigious golf courses in Vietnam — and the designers and architects who build them. You can trust Atlas Turf provides the best golf course turfgrasses in the world.

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When it comes to grass for any project I may be working on anywhere in the world, Atlas Turf is my first and only call. They will not waiver to deliver the highest quality, certified stock of any species needed door-to-door.

Andy Johnston, General Manager and Director of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore

Some of our recent Vietnam golf projects include:

Atlas Turf International and our seed partner Pure Seed, have years of experience providing quality turfgrass products to Vietnam. No matter where your project is located, Atlas Turf can deliver. Even the most remote locations are within our reach. Having perfected the delivery process, Atlas Turf is able to ship live vegetative products to arrive in pristine condition. Furthermore, seeded turfgrasses are delivered in days instead of months.

Our commitment to the Asian market is demonstrated by our longtime presence and expertise in the region. Atlas Turf is a founding member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF).  Members of the Atlas Turf team have provided leadership for the organization serving on the board, speaking at multiple educational and industry programs, exhibiting at trade events, and more.

Turfgrasses fit for champions

Atlas Turf is proud to be the turfgrass supplier for championship events throughout Asia. Some of the tournaments featuring our turfgrasses include:


I have worked with Atlas Turf on multiple projects and find their turfgrasses to be of the highest quality. Perhaps just as valuable is their ability to analyze the particulars of a project and recommend the right turf match. On-time, dependable delivery – even to remote locations – has been my experience with Atlas Turf as well. Golf course architect Tim Lobb, Lobb + Partners

Atlas Turf is one of the most professional and reputable companies I have worked with. They have a great understanding of the unique region we work in, and the products that I get from Atlas Turf have always met our expectations. Tim Walker, Class A golf course superintendent and vice president of Pacific Links Golf Development

When working with Atlas Turf, you can count on all the difficult agricultural permitting and inspections process to be handled. They are our go-to source because of their professional team and, most importantly, the quality of their certified grass. Andy Johnston, General Manager and Director of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore

The selection of certified and licensed grass has been a requirement from our clients to avoid any potential problems. I would use nothing else because it assures us that our turf is of the highest quality. Tim Walker, Class A golf course superintendent and vice president of Pacific Links Golf Development

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