Anti-Piracy Movement Gains Momentum

The golf industry is taking action to put an end to piracy. Whether it be turfgrass, golf apparel, playing equipment, maintenance equipment, or course design, golf industry leaders worldwide are banding together to protect intellectual property rights and the integrity of the golf market.

Just as economic decline and wavering populations of golf enthusiasts threaten the future of golf’s growth, so does piracy. In regards to turfgrass, piracy has two major detrimental effects. Through the unauthorized use and propagation of specialty grasses, purity is compromised leading to inferior strains and damage to the reputations and viability of breeders, growers, and distributors. Further, as turfgrass piracy prevails, royalties are denied to patent holders jeopardizing future development of new and improved cultivars.

Acquiring turfgrasses through the proper channels benefits not only those people who create, grow and sell the grasses but the end-users as well. Pirated turfgrasses are not inspected and held to the same standards as certified grasses. Without these strict controls, pirated products become contaminated with other turfgrasses, weeds, and disease leading to higher maintenance costs and deteriorating playing surfaces. On the other hand, certified and licensed turfgrasses, obtained through legitimate sources, protect golf course owners and operators by ensuring the quality of the product and the reputation of the buyer.

Atlas Turf International is the source for licensed and certified turfgrasses. Aligning with our mission to provide high quality, sustainable solutions for turfgrass projects worldwide, we stand firm in the fight against piracy. It’s the right choice for all stakeholders in golf projects everywhere and it’s good for the future of golf.

Atlas Turf International