Don’t Be the Victim of Turfgrass Pirates – Get the REAL Thing

Licensed and certified turfgrasses offer golf course owners, developers, superintendents, and architects the very best in turfgrass technology. Research, quality control, and stringent inspections are all part of the licensing and certification process, ensuring that golf projects receive the highest quality products available.

Turfgrass pirates undermine this process by either stealing certified cultivars or passing off inferior grasses as branded varieties. Don’t fall victim to these crimes. The consequences are great, ranging from contaminated grasses, introduction of disease to the project, ongoing and escalating maintenance problems, and damage to the reputation of the project and the parties involved.

Furthermore, when pirates steal turfgrasses, development of new cultivars is threatened. The normal flow of royalties from sales back to patent holders is used to fund research into even better grasses for the future. Piracy puts this process in serious jeopardy.

Certified, licensed turfgrasses are the only choice for quality golf projects. Backed by extensive research and superior design, legitimate turfgrasses from authorized distributors ensure that your project gets the turfgrass and performance that you expect.

Atlas Turf International