Overseeding with Pure Seed Products through Atlas Turf

When it comes to overseeding, Atlas Turf International has the job covered. Partnering with Pure Seed, an internationally recognized developer of the finest seeded turf products, Atlas Turf offers a wide variety of perennial ryegrasses meeting the needs of golf courses and sports fields worldwide.

The Breeding Process

Bringing exceptional ryegrasses to market is neither quick nor easy, but Pure-Seed Testing has the breeding process down to a science – literally. While the process can vary, a general sequence is followed. Desired traits are defined for a new variety, and parent plants are selected. Evaluation trials are conducted, putting the best performing plants to the test under specific stresses. Only the very best plants are allowed to pollinate producing Breeder seed. The Breeder seed is then increased under a third-party certification process.

The ultimate goal of the breeding process for ryegrass is to continue to improve upon the products being offered. Desired traits include quick germination, drought tolerance, improved color and texture, transition pace, and more. Also, new products need to generate adequate seed production to fulfill demand.

Crystal Rose-Fricker, award-winning breeder and president of Pure Seed and Pure-Seed Testing, states that the key difference between Pure Seed ryegrasses and others is genetics. “With exceptional parentage, Pure Seed products build upon a strong foundation of quality.”

Blending for Targeted Results

Pure Seed offers custom-blended perennial ryegrasses to provide overseeding options that specifically meet the needs of each project. Based on conversations with golf course superintendents and field managers, custom blends take into account factors such as weather patterns, soil and water quality, and the turfgrass cultivar being overseeded.

Custom blend Sunrye is for golf projects and Pure Sport is excellent for athletic field projects.

Pure Seed markets its custom blend as Sunrye for golf projects and Pure Sport for athletic field projects. Russ Hayworth, golf and sports field turf sales manager for Pure Seed, says, “Generally, Sunrye and Pure Sport are formulated as three-way blends offering quick establishment, dark green color, salt tolerance, and medium heat tolerance to provide smooth balanced transition characteristics in most regions. Each variety in the blend offers its unique characteristics to cover the full spectrum of desired qualities.”

The exact blend is determined by the specific traits desired. In the blending process, the varieties are evaluated for purity and germination percentages. Pure Seed perennial ryegrass varieties include:

  • Carly featuring very rapid establishment, easy transition, excellent salt tolerance, medium green color, and good traffic tolerance
  • Gray Fox featuring deep dark green color, good resistance to gray leaf spot disease, and adequate heat tolerance
  • Silver Dollar featuring good establishment, dollar spot resistance, excellent color, and rapid recovery from wear
  • Brightstar SLT featuring good salt tolerance, dark green color, improved heat tolerance, and good disease resistance
  • Estelle featuring very dark green color with good density, extended heat range, good traffic tolerance, and gray leaf spot resistance

Pure Seed Ryegrasses for Golf Courses

Troon Golf Middle East utilizes Pure Seed ryegrasses for six courses in the Gulf Region with applications ranging from overseeding tees only to full wall-to-wall overseeding. Depending on the project, Troon selects either a combination of Sunrye blend or straight Carly.

The courses include:

  • Abu Dhabi Golf Club in Abu Dhabi
  • The Address Montgomerie in Dubai
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club in Dubai
  • The Els Club in Dubai
  • The Track, Meydan Golf in Dubai
  • The Royal Golf Club in Bahrain

Pure Seed Ryegrasses on Sports Fields

Every year sports fields around the world choose Pure Seed ryegrasses for overseeding. 

Select sports fields include:

  • LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California
  • Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Racing Club in Dubai
  • Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club in Dubai
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