Platinum TE™ Paspalum

Platinum TE™ Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum) is ideal for:

  •  Golf Course Rough
  •  Golf Course Fairways
  •  Golf Course Tee Boxes
  •  Golf Course Greens
  •  Sports Fields
  •  Landscaping

Platinum TE™ Paspalum, developed by Dr. Ron R. Duncan, revolutionized the turfgrass market. This naturally selected paspalum is perfect for installation tee-to-green.

Platinum TE now covers the globe with projects in over 30 countries. Platinum TE is an environmentally sustainable, salt-tolerant turfgrass with superior appearance, playability, and maintenance benefits. Adaptable to a wide range of mowing heights, Platinum TE is perfect for installation tee-to-green. In addition to golf courses, Platinum TE delivers exceptional turf for the most demanding sports applications including the World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar chose Platinum TE Paspalum as the exclusive turfgrass for all stadiums and training sites. Extensive testing proved Platinum TE to be the most durable and shade-tolerant turfgrass of those evaluated, as well as the quickest to recover. Atlas Turf International is the exclusive source for Platinum TE Paspalum in the region.
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Product Features:

  • Unmatched salt tolerance
  • Shiny, exceptionally dark green color
  • Very fine leaf texture
  • Outstanding canopy density
  • Superior low light tolerance
  • Rapid rooting and establishment from sprigs
  • Aggressive grow-in from surface stolons
  • Excellent disease resistance with proper management
  • Tolerance of a wide range of mowing heights
  • Minimal seed head production when under stress

Platinum TE™ Paspalum Characteristics:

Fall Color Retention : EXCELLENT
Spring Green-Up : EXCELLENT
Establishment : RAPID
Wear Tolerance : EXCELLENT
Injury Recovery : VERY GOOD
Heat Tolerance : VERY GOOD
Shade Tolerance : VERY GOOD
Cold Tolerance : GOOD
Drought Tolerance : VERY GOOD
Salt Tolerance : EXCELLENT

Platinum TE™ Paspalum is sold as Stolons. Recommended mowing height is 2.03mm-76.2mm (0.08″- 3″). Planting rates vary by application and site conditions. Please contact us for more information.
For more information about Platinum TE™ Paspalum or to place an order, call +1 706-845-0148 or send us a message.

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