Tifway 419 Bermudagrass

Tifway 419 Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) is ideal for:

  •  Golf Course Rough
  •  Golf Course Fairways
  •  Golf Course Tee Boxes
  •  Sports Fields

Tifway 419 Bermudagrass has been the most popular sports turfgrass for the last 40 years.

Developed by the pioneers of turfgrass from the Tifton, Georgia breeding program, Tifway 419 has the strength and durability needed for heavy use conditions, but also offers a beautiful look and feel. Its dense, rapidly spreading growth habit means quick recovery from injury, making it one of the most durable hybrid bermudagrasses.  Tifway 419 tolerates close mowing and is highly disease resistant. Tifway 419 is an excellent choice for fairways, roughs, sports fields, and commercial and residential lawns.

Product Features:

  • Dark green color with fine-textured leaves
  • Vigorous growth habit
  • Establishes quickly at planting
  • Superior wear tolerance, perfect for high traffic areas
  • Quick recovery from injury
  • Low growing
  • Tolerates close mowing
  • Highly disease resistant
  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance
For more information about Tifway 419 Bermudagrass or to place an order, call +1 706-407-1894 or send us a message.

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