Zorro® Zoysia

Zorro® Zoysia (Zoysia matrella) is ideal for:

  •  Golf Course Rough
  •  Golf Course Fairways
  •  Golf Course Tee Boxes
  •  Landscaping

Zorro® Zoysia rated as the number one zoysia in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials.

In trials by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), Zorro rated as the number one zoysia. With exceptional shade tolerance, excellent disease and insect resistance, and good salt tolerance, Zorro is ideal for a variety of applications including golf courses, commercial, and residential projects. Zorro thrives in all warm season climates and into the transition zone, outperforming other zoysias with earlier spring green-up and longer color in the fall.

Product Features:

  • Exceptional shade tolerance
  • Shiny, exceptionally dark green color
  • Fine texture
  • Rapid rooting and establishment from sprigs
  • Aggressive grow-in from surface stolons
  • Rapid damage recovery 
  • Excellent disease and insect resistance
  • Tolerance of a wide range of mowing heights
  • Good salt tolerance
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