Common Reasons to Interseed

Guangzhou interseed project

Maybe your current turfgrass requires too much maintenance because it’s no longer the best choice for your climate or water quality. Or maybe you are noticing thinning turf or contamination. Whatever your reason, now is the time to try interseeding with a new turf variety

The top 10 reasons for interseeding

  1. The quality of playing conditions on your course is inconsistent throughout the season
  2. You’re noticing turf loss due to summer stress and disease
  3. Excessive thatch or unwanted species are creeping in
  4. It’s getting harder to keep up with weather extremes (too hot, too dry, too wet) 
  5. The goal is consistently healthy, high-quality playing surfaces
  6. You want to lower fertilizer usage and watering rates on your high-maintenance playing surfaces
  7. You want to be able to mow closely on the fairways without scalping
  8. It’s time to take action but you can’t afford to disrupt play
  9. You know newer cultivars of turfgrass are available that are disease resistant, salt-tolerant and have other desirable characteristics
  10. Completely rebuilding the golf course and sodding is out of the question (Is there ever a good time for so much downtime?)

Interseeding is a cost-effective, convenient solution for turfgrass conversion that requires minimal disruption to the course. The process is simple: When verticutting and topdressing, a new variety of seed is broadcast on the playing surface. Over time, the new grass will grow and spread to become the dominant turf on greens, fairways, and tees – wherever you want. It will help your greens become more disease resistant and tolerant of climate extremes plus the course will recover faster from divots and wear.  

When’s the right time to interseed? Anytime turf surfaces are groomed throughout the growing season, there’s an opportunity to introduce an improved seed.  It can become a small but very effective and economical step in your topdressing program.

One variety we especially recommend is Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum. It has been specially developed by Pure-Seed Testing for golf greens, tees, fairways, roughs – even sports fields. 

Pure Dynasty interseed project in China

Why interseed with this improved seeded paspalum? It features: 

  • tight, dense playing surfaces
  • better disease resistance
  • less weed development
  • better spring green-up
  • quick germination and establishment
  • superior salt tolerance where irrigation water is unusually sodic
  • excellent wear tolerance
  • greater tolerance of differing mowing heights – low enough for putting greens and high enough for rough.

For more information on interseeding, call +1 706 407 1894 or email [email protected]. Ask about current interseeding projects so you can experience the results firsthand.

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