Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum

Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum) is ideal for:

  •  Golf Course Rough
  •  Golf Course Fairways
  •  Golf Course Tee Boxes
  •  Golf Course Greens
  •  Sports Fields

Developed by Pure-Seed Testing and distributed internationally exclusively by Atlas Turf, Pure Dynasty is the newest and best seeded seashore paspalum on the market.

As the first seeded paspalum blend, Pure Dynasty was bred to produce faster establishment, tighter density, better disease resistance, and improved spring green-up. With Platinum TE as one of the genetic parents, Pure Dynasty shares the benefits of vegetative paspalum including salt tolerance when mature, quick recovery, dark green color, and an upright growth habit for excellent playability. However, as a seeded variety, Pure Dynasty is easier to acquire for countries with import restrictions on vegetative paspalums. With durability and maximum flexibility of mowing heights, Pure Dynasty is suited for golf courses wall-to-wall and meets the needs of most any sports field application.

Product Features:

• Tighter density
• Better disease resistance
• Better spring green-up
• Quick germination
• Faster establishment
• Excellent salt tolerance
• Excellent wear tolerance
• Reduced mowing heights
• Stronger overall performance

Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum Characteristics:

  Wear Tolerance : EXCELLENT
  Shade Tolerance : EXCELLENT
  Cold Tolerance : GOOD
  Drought Tolerance : GOOD
  Salt Tolerance : EXCELLENT

Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum is sold as Seed. Planting Rates are 73-146 bushels per hectare (65-130 bushels per acre), and Mowing Height is recommended at 3mm-75mm (.15″-3″).
For more information about Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum or to place an order, call +1 706-407-1894 or send us a message.

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