Pitch Manager of Saudi Stadium a Fan of Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum

Mark Sinnett, pitch manager at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a fan of Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum. Hosting over 50 events per season, King Abdullah Stadium featuring Pure Dynasty, sees rigorous play and requires a turfgrass up to the challenge.

King Abdullah Stadium is the home pitch of three teams including Al Ahli, Al Ittihad, and the Saudi National Team. Also, the stadium hosts the Saudi Pro League, AFC Champions League, and FIFA World Cup qualifiers, international games and training sessions.

“I have been really pleased with Pure Dynasty’s performance,” says Sinnett, “especially its fast recovery after events with such a busy schedule.”

Pure Dynasty, developed by Pure-Seed Testing and marketed worldwide by Atlas Turf International, is the technically advanced seeded paspalum. With tighter density, excellent wear tolerance, and stronger overall performance, Pure Dynasty is gaining a loyal following among turf managers.

“Even in the shaded areas of the pitch, we are seeing dense coverage.”

Mark Sinnett, pitch manager
King Abdullah Sports City Stadium

Sinnett manages a finely-tuned maintenance program, conducting regular pitch testing for soil moisture and hardness, as well as ball roll/bounce and traction to ensure the field meets the required playing standards throughout the season. With the demanding Saudi climate, Sinnett applies fungicide fortnightly and employs a frequent aeration program.

“I have also tailored a chemical and fertilizer program based on soil analysis tests done three times a year.”

Aside from heavy traffic and frequent play, the turf at King Abdullah Stadium also endures shady conditions with 70 percent of the pitch without natural sunlight five months of the year. Grow lights and the exceptional density of Pure Dynasty keep the field in optimal condition.

“Even in the shaded areas of the pitch, we are seeing dense coverage,” says Sinnett.

King Abdullah Stadium maintains a Desso GrassMaster hybrid grass system where artificial turf fibres reinforce the natural grass. This system was a first to be installed into a paspalum pitch.

“The playability and visual aspect of Pure Dynasty give us the platform to meet our desired standards and ensure the best possible playing surface for the end-user all year round,” says Sinnett.

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