Quick Establishing Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum Scores at Dubai Stadium

Rashid Stadium in Dubai features Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum. This multi-purpose stadium hosts rugby and football matches including the Al Ahli Sports Club Dubai who compete in the UAE Arabian Gulf Football League.

With play of this caliber, the pitch needed a durable turf. Pure Dynasty, the new seeded paspalum developed by Pure-Seed Testing and marketed worldwide by Atlas Turf International, is not only strong, dense, and disease resistant, but it also offers quick germination, fast establishment, and rapid recovery.

Pure Dynasty paspalum was planted at Rashid Stadium in 2016. Within a few days of planting, the seed germinated and quickly spread into an excellent playing surface. Play commenced on the pitch a mere 50 days after planting.

“Over 120 matches are played on the pitch each year, mostly during the winter months when the temperatures are cooler and grass doesn’t typically grow as fast,” says John Holmes, president of Atlas Turf. “Despite this, the Pure Dynasty is holding up well.”

Rashid Stadium is maintained by SIS Pitches.

Pure Dynasty® Seeded Paspalum during grow-in at Rashid Stadium – 26 days after planting

Atlas Turf International