Turf Review: Celebration Bermudagrass®

Turf Review of Celebration Bermudagrass at Ba Na Hills Vietnam

Ba Na Hills Golf Club in Vietnam featuring Celebration Bermudagrass

Celebration Bermudagrass® offers the quality attributes golf courses and sports fields seek. As the featured turfgrass on the world’s stage, Celebration has provided the playing surface for PGA, LPGA, TPC, World Cup, and Olympic events.

TPC Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia selected Celebration Bermudagrass

The reason comes down to performance. In study after study, Celebration outperforms competitors.  With high plant density and deep roots, Celebration is strong and resilient.

  • rated #1 for wear tolerance – North Carolina State University study
  • rated #1 for divot/injury recovery – University of Arkansas study
  • rated #1 for drought tolerance and recovery – Texas A & M University study
  • rated #1 for shade tolerance – Clemson University study

Besides its championship performance characteristics, Celebration scores with appearance as well. Celebration’s dark blue-green color makes it as beautiful as it is strong with excellent color retention even in the cooler seasons.

Practical benefits also contribute to the popularity of Celebration.  With rapid horizontal growth from aggressive creeping rhizomes and stolons, Celebration spreads quickly during grow-in and recovery but requires less mowing and nitrogen than typical bermudagrasses.

Some of the projects worldwide featuring Celebration Bermudagrass:

  • Arena Fonte Nova Brazil 2014 World Cup Stadium
  • Arena Mané Garrincha Brazil 2014 World Cup Stadium
  • Castelão Brazil 2014 World Cup Stadium
  • Mineirão Brazil 2014 World Cup Stadium
  • Maracanã Stadium 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil
  • Ba Na Hills Golf Club in Vietnam
  • TPC Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
  • DLF Golf and Country Club in India
  • PGA National in the USA
  • Harbour Town Golf Links in the USA

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